Welcome to Disjointed Records, southeast Ohio's Recording Studio!

This years 3rd annual Disjointed (fest), was a great time, everything went amazingly well!!

Thanks to all the bands who played and all the people that showed up to help us celebrate!

Disjointed Records is here to give artists and bands a relaxed, affordable place to record with outstanding sound, at a fraction of the usual recording studio costs.

We're located in the rolling hills of hocking county ohio. A quiet out of the way location makes it easy to relax and focus on the music.

Rock, Punk, Bluegrass, Jazz, Metal, Noise, Acoustic guitar/s, Gospel, Noise, Country, Hip-Hop...You name it, we've recorded it.
We are equipped to handle any and all situations while also solving each and every need of our clients. Music is everywhere, but it sounds better here.

We are also convieniently located about 15 minutes from Athens or Logan, and only an hour from columbus. We have had bands from even further away record here, and they, like others, know that it is definitely worth the drive.

We offer: